Disappointment with The World Ends With You

Might as well make a serious post…

My biggest problem with RPG games is that I never have the time to sit down and play them. But, the problem is I WANT to play them, because they usually have a story that I really enjoy.
Enter: The World Ends With You.

I’m not a very big fan of Square Enix (I do love Kingdom Hearts, though), but when I first saw “The World Ends With You” from my friend, I was really interested. I mean, it’s one of the few RPG’s I know that isn’t sci-fi, or medieval. The artwork and music were also very appealing, so I decided to check it out myself.

I’ll be honest, the first time I played the game, I didn’t get a full experience with the game because I played it on a DS flashcart. (If you don’t know what that is, look it up.) When I finished the game, I felt a little… I guess “incomplete” would be the word. I basically just played a ROM. So, feeling guilty, I bought an actual copy of the game a few months later. Then, using a tool on my flashcart, I transfered my save data to the actual cart. And finally, everything felt the way it should be.

Now, I could sit here and tell you the whole story, but it’s way too complicated, and typing it out doesn’t give it justice. So, if you have ~$20, go buy it. It’s a really great game. The combat, the story, the amount of plot twists, and even the music, combine together to make a magnificent game. Truly, I feel every RPG fan should play it.

And that’s my story. I became a huge fan of an underrated game. But a few years later, since I’m also a Kingdom Hearts fan, I read that in the next Kingdom Hearts game for the 3DS, (KH: Dream Drop Distance) they decided to have TWEWY characters make an appearance. My heart skipped a beat when I heard that. I couldn’t believe it! This news meant that Square Enix hadn’t given up on the series yet. It definitely shouldn’t die out as just a single game. It was worth more than that. So, when I got KH:DDD, I was happy to hear the main cast from TWEWY speak in fully voiced cutscenes. (Although Beat’s voice was annoying, I thought it still fit his character.) My only complaint, Sora doesn’t fight alongside Neku in battles. Which seems like a missed opportunity.

So, seeing that TWEWY wasn’t dead yet, I gladly hoped that there was going to be another game. So I waited… and waited… and waited…

And about a month later this website showed up. And this was my reaction: 

(Image Source)

Seriously, more news about TWEWY? I seriously couldn’t wait. When the website first appeared, it was a 7 day countdown, which is a nice reference to the game. Every day the background would illuminate, and the music in the background pumped up.

This is a screenshot of when there were 6 Days left:

This is a screenshot of when there was 1 Day left:

Everyday I check the site, and eagerly waited for what they were going to show us. As the final seconds were ticking down, I started to break into a sweat.



“The World Ends With You -Solo Remix-“

WHOA. But hang on a sec…
Do you notice anything out of place? Here, let me point it out for you:

See that? This “new” game isn’t for a GAMING console. No.
It’s for the iPhone/iPad. THE FUCKING IPHONE! Really? REALLY? WHY?

And it turned out, it wasn’t a new game (thank gosh), but instead, a remake with better graphics and different music. But the fact that it’s on an APPLE product still irritated me.

One thing that confuses me is how the hell did they change the battle system? On the original game for the DS, you fought on the bottom screen while your partner fought on the top screen. You use the stylus to control you (Neku), and the D-Pad/ABXY buttons to control your partner. So how the hell did they put that on the iPhone/Pad? This also means that some of the dialogue in some of the cut-scenes needed to be changed, otherwise, it would make no sense. Also, the price of the game is $20. I can go out and buy the original game on DS for just that much, if not cheaper. And if Square Enix wanted new people to get into the game, then why would they put it at a price like that?

The game was released today, and according to IGN, and the reviews on the iTunes store, the game is good to refresh yourself with if you haven’t played in forever. Of course, being a die-hard fan of the game, I did everything I could to try and play this game myself. Sadly, a jailbroken 4th gen iPod touch wasn’t very good at playing the game. My initial experience was just a quick glimpse at some of the cutscenes and only a few battles. It seemed okay, but due to frequent crashes, I had to give up.

I really wanted to try this remake. Prove myself wrong that it’s worth it. But I couldn’t even play it. And that’s all I have to end this on…

2015 UPDATE:
Wow. I originally wrote this post back in 2012. Holy crap. That was about 3 years ago. Welp, here I am, back from the future. I know that nobody is probably ever going to look over this post ever again, but I might as well go in and update everything and give a better explanation for this stuff, just in case.
Where do I begin…

This game still holds a special spot in my list of favorite games, simply because of how much I could relate to the characters. I’ve moved on, but I don’t want to forget what I’ve experienced with this game.
Hm… I’m not sure if any of the prices listed throughout this post are accurate. So, you’ll need to do some researching yourself. 😉
And the big thing, I finally did get a chance to play this game. In 2014, Solo Remix was released on Google Play for Android devices. And thankfully, my bro had an Android phone that he didn’t use. And so… what are my thoughts? Perhaps I’ll keep it in a simple list.

What’s Good:

  • The graphics still look nice and are at a higher resolution than that of the DS game.
  • The music includes new tracks unheard from the DS game, and all songs are their complete versions, not just cut and looped like they were on the DS.
  • Same old story. Same great plot.


  • While the music has new tracks and it’s all complete, there are lots of moments where they played different tracks at unnecessary moments. (Why did the music have to change when the cutscene goes to a flashback?) One thing you might not have noticed in the DS version, each week of the game had it’s own set of songs to go with them. It felt like every week had a different tone as to what was going on plot-wise. But having all tracks play at anytime seems like it takes away those set tones. Or perhaps I’m just nitpicking.
  • Using your finger as opposed to a stylus for battles is A PAIN IN THE ASS. Especially for pins that require you to slash- cut me a fucking break. I’m sure you can get some kind of stylus for Android devices but the fact that they expected to use your finger is outrageous.
  • Since there is only one screen, Neku’s partners now only attack by certain gestures. (They act as separate pins, basically.) This is both a good and bad thing, but I find it mostly bad because it took away what made the battles in the DS version interesting. Your partners are about as useful as how well you can use your pins.
  • Again, one screen, so that also means no more Light Puck. I’m curious as to how the Eden pins work…
  • During cutscenes in the DS game, certain pictures would show up on the bottom screen in relevance with whatever the characters are talking about. In Solo Remix, these pictures either just flash on screen for a sec, pop up in the background, or pop up in the corner. It… I don’t know. It doesn’t look right.Example
  • When going into a battle, or viewing a cutscene, or entering a store, there’s a much longer pause than the DS version. I understand it’s because the game has to stop and load it up, but when I have to keep jumping in and out of those things, it’s kinda annoying.
  • The menu’s for your pins and items is such a pain to navigate. In Solo Remix, everything is all clustered and it’s a little hard to look at. I can see that they tried their best, though. But once you start collecting a lot of pins, I can tell it’s going to be really confusing to look at. Example3

(Apologies for the DS’s low resolution.)

And… I think that’s it. That’s all I’ve got to say. Yes, you should definitely stick to the DS version of the game.

I understand a lot of the things I said are opinionated and you may not agree, and that’s fine. If you really like Solo Remix then go play it. It’s still a good game. I just really don’t like it compared to the original game.

And finally, I can stop looking at this post and feeling guilty for not having it fixed up. 🙂